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06 Rubicon hunter is back with new shoes

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Just added some new 27” Bear claws no rub but tight thinking of doing some slight trimming
or wait till little mile wear . Our Idaho hunting mostly back country seems to be a better fit than my 26’ITP mudlites
so hopeing I made a good choice, mostly just rollin hills and some rutted stuff and back trails,some wet and some snow not too much mud to worry about just a full mudder , gearing seem ok not a noticeable change.
this Honda has been pretty bulletproof for its age ,carb clean pilot jet has been about it ,ido all my own services
And think I got a lucky one ,gas gage gets funny some time but disconnected battery and seem to reset itself,
not sure if I should replace or not. Thanks for sharing those pics on the older threds help with my tire choice.


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