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06 Rubi Fan

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My fan is no longer coming on and the fuse is not blown. Do any of you have any ideas?
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you might want to keep on riding it for a while because my rubicon has got hot before without the fan turning on. i dont know why but you might want to try to ride it some more before you get too deep into the problem. also if that wouldnt be it you could check and see if the wires going to it are exposed or anything like that.
I noticed that mine barely runs also.
I dont think I have ever heard it running while I am riding.
Its when I have been riding fairly hard, then stop.
You get enough air flow to keep it cool, especially with the liquid cooled system.

Give it a good ride, then let it sit idling for a while, if its a fairly warm day it should kick on after alittle while.

Even with the extreme heat here mine does not
come on that much when I 1st got it have the dealer
look at it and all was fine
If the high temp light is not on, then your ok. if it comes on then you have a problem.
ride some wheelies then it will come on....mine too was like that....just make sure you have no mud clogging it up....make sure it turns freely
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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