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06 rancher rear shock

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Hi all, i have a freind that has an 06 rancher for his wife and thinks the rear shock is too stiff. Is there anyone that makes a replacement shock that is a little softer? Anything adjustable? thanks.
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the only ways i know if is the prefex long traval lift which will lift 1.5 inch and gives a smooth ride for around a $120 but its only adjustment is to switch between 1" and 1.5" inch of lift. or you can get elka shocks for around $500 for the base model which offers some adjustablity and a smoother ride but it actually will lower the rear i think about .5".
I used the perflex kit for about a year to soften the ride but it did lift the bike as well as soften the suspension some which can be hairy on steep off camber situations.I have since put Elka shocks all the way around.You can adjust the self sag for a ride hight control if you want but mine are set near the lowest setting which leaves me sitting pretty much stock and i have a polaris sofa like ride now.The rear has a remote resovoir and adj. rebound dampening and the 2 fronts are their standard models.I will not give these things up for anything.Overall cost for all 3 shocks + shipping and specced to my weight as well as what is on my atv was about 1240$ which is a bargain for the service you get,not to mention i can now ride 100+ miles with no butt or back pain.If you wife seriously likes her atv and you guys ride alot and don't just use them on rare occasion you could prolly justify the shocks.If you only use it every other month then go with the perflex kit to soften it up but the nose will dive and you have body roll in fast corners.Any other questions about the shocks and i'll try to help.
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Hey heres a thought, buy a Honda couch I mean Foreman.... Or if your wife rides with you, then it'll be the Honda love seat w/ optional ottoman... Either way you can't go wrong!!!
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