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06 rancher...... are they junk?

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i have an 06 rancher it has 246 miles on it and it is the 400 at. have any of you guys had any trouble with your sticking in gear? mine been in the shop now for over a month and they have tested everything they know of they got it to shift once and rolled it off the rack and didnt make it to the door and it locked up again. any suggestions or input .....please..
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I have a '06 Rancher, but it is a 350 FE. I have had zero problems.

My neighbor has a AT 400, but I think it is a '03 or '04. His tranny will slip after it heats up from pushing snow for over an hour or so. I have heard of others with various year 400 ATs having slippage problems if the fluid level isn't kept completely topped off.

It sounds like you are having a different problem, but it is still with the tranny. As long as abuse or neglect isn't involved, Honda should take care of it no questions asked.
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