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06 rancher 350 2/wd blowing fuse

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it keeps blowing 10 amp ign fuse.i change fuse and it blows as soon as switch is turned on.i need help thanks
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Have you done any work to the bike? Check for smashed, pinched or broken wires that may be grounding out to something.
i have not done anything to is all stock.i looked over all wires and plugs and did not see anything pinched or smashed.after it blew about five fuses it started up and i rode it about a half mile down the road and it blew the fuse again.could it be a bad coil or rectifier.
Sounds like something in pinched. You may have to break out an ohm meter and start tracing the short.
I found the problem 2 wires pulled from a plug and were shorting out. thanks for the reply.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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