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06 foreman rear tire size on front

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has anyone put the rear tire size on the front, my 06 foreman is a pretty good all around package, but if i could put the same width up front without any rubbing i think i would try it. thanks for any info.
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I have been wondering about this too. Finding some rears and putting them on the front. What do ya all think?
I see no reason it wouldnt work, espically with aftermarket wheels all the way around.
im running 10.5s in the front i dont think u want anything bigger then that.... im rubbing a little on turns with stearin turned all the way.
Im rumming 26x12x12 mudlites on all four corners on the old style itp mag billet alum. rims with no problems. (On a 06 500)
u could try swaping your tires front to back just for a test run, just to see if its ok
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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