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06 Foreman Plastics

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I'm trying to locate where I can order the new 07 camo body plastics to drop onto my 06 foreman. Cannot seem to find 07 body stuff anywhere. Any help will be appreciated.
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There was a post on here a few weeks ago and someone said they looked into it and the cost $700 plus shipping. In my opinion that is was too much for some camo.
Has anyone tried the camo fabric that velcros to the fenders? I saw it at Cabelas.It looks pretty good but I figured it would "itch" against the plastics and scratch it all up.
just try a dealer first
Vaughn on the forum here he tried getting the camo plastics, and they wanted a ton of cash for them, they are way expensive!
I have '05 Blue plastic on my '06 all the plastic except the headlight cover was about $300. Ive been trying to order a blue '07 foreman headlight cover. The dealership here says they cant get them until the '07 models come out. They dont have any '07 models in stock yet.
The new '07 model Foreman's only have one tail light instead of two like the '05 and '06. You may have to do a little more engineering than you thought.
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