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'06 Foreman ES 4x4 jetting question

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I have a 06' Foreman 500 4x4 ES. I have the HMF pipe (the loud one!) and just got in the K&N filter, Outerfilter, and Dyno Jet kit. I haven't opened the jet kit to look yet but, what did anyone else with the same set up do jetting wise? Oh and there is NO snorkle at this time, nor is one planned at the moment. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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return the dyno and get a bigger factory jet. Thats just coming from experience. A lot of people are having trouble getting them to run right. Also some people swear by them. Personally not a fan of them. Just my 2 cents take it for what its worth
some have issues with dynojets, but ive had them in my 450 and 500. I would try the 170 jet in your bike and see how it does. Should be about perfect.
Thanks, I will start off with the 170 AFTER I clean everything since its not running too slick right now. But I do know its a fuel issue!!!!
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