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'06 Foreman 500

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I picked up a 2006 foreman 500 FE ES. Runs fantastic, but if I let it sit the cylinder will fill with fuel, I'm not familiar with carbs but I'm assuming that's where I should start? Maybe the float? Does anyone know a good video of how to remove the carb and strip it down? I'm mechanically not a total idiot, just never worked on carbs and the thought of needles, jets, and diaphrams is a bit intimidating to not have a video to reference.

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Also, not to get ahead of myself. But can I simply put a 170 keihin main in to get more grunt when full throttle?
I'm not familiar with your machine but your idea it's the float valve is a good one. If you can get at it, removing the float bowl won't disturb any settings on your carb. I'd look for a piece of dirt in the seat of the valve or maybe the float isn't floating anymore due to a leak. If it gets a hole in it, fuel gets inside and it won't float. Only speaking from my experience with lawn mower engines.
Also shutting off the fuel supply valve when it's sitting will help until you find the root cause.
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Like many have said, likely debris caught in the float’s needle and seat. Another thing to check would be the tank vent.

Be careful in that gasoline doesn’t compress, and if the wrong amount is in the cylinder and it locks close to top dead center you can actually bend a rod. The carb may be a slow leak, and the other risk would be gas seeping past the rings into the crankcase, where it makes a poor lubricant.
Thanks for the replies all. I pulled the carb and while it looks near impeccable there may have been a small blockage. Currently waiting for a new bowl gasket then will put everything back together and see. Actually in taking the carb out I found there to be gas in the air box too, so the carb was puking fuel in both directions

And yes to the possible gas in crank case. Going to drop the oil out and replace with T6. Hoping there isn’t a bent rod as it doesn’t sound bad at all at any RPM. Valves were adjusted and idle set to 1400+/-
So it was pushing fuel into the engine and airbox because the overflow hose had a golf tee in it lol. With the carb back together and overflow line open (will get a check valve for it) it drips out the overflow. I took it apart again, the rubber tip on the float needle and float both look great, I polished the the float needle brass inlet with a Q tip and that still didn't solve it.
So maybe a new needle and for good measure a new float?
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