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06 foreman 500 skid plate ?

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i still have my stock skid plate on the bottom of the bike(the plastic one), got a diamond plate bashplate on the front from HL, need to get a full skid plate underneith it before anything gets torn up, and i have taken the rear diff skid off and broke all 3 bolts off, does anyone know if the HL skid bolts in the stock holes? i have done a little bit to get the bolts out but didnt have much time so i didnt get to deep into it yet...ima try again this weekend to get them out but if i cant get them out not sure what the next step would be, other than to fab up something on my own
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i think the hl plates bolt in the same place.. so just drill out the broken bolts and re tap them..
thats way easier said than done...drilling on grade 8 bolts isnt all that simple...ive gotten a hole started, tried to use easy outs on it, that crap didnt work very well, although i didnt have time to sit there and use each bit for 15 minutes, i will get to drilling them out when i get a chance to do so, i have already order the bolts that go there that i broke, just gotta get the old ones out...ppl said to use easy outs, heat the area up with a torch and give it a few wacks with a hammer to maybe break it loose so it will come out, tried to find some reverse drill bits but those things are as hard to find as the evidence that OJ Simpson murdered those ppl

i think snapon has them, ima have too look into them
u can drill grade 8 bolts out we did it on are rubicon.. 1/2 dewalt drill and a bit sharper u can drill it out dont worry.. and some wd 40 so the bit dont burn
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