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06 foreman 500 acts like it kicks out of gear on down hills

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i have an 06 foreman 500 it has a dynojet kit with a 170 main jet and k&n filter kit bored 1mm over on the 1st ride after rebuilding it when i go down a hill in 3rd or 4th gear it acts as if it were kicked into netural then will grab all the sudden and sound like the tranny is coming apart or if you tap the gas it will go back in gear anyone ever had one do this before thanks for any and all replies
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If you mean the bike seems like it goes into neutral when you let off the throttle then it's probably the sprag clutch (oneway bearing) is faulty ..
it's not in the clutch it has something to do with the jetting i went to a 165 jet like a buddy said to try and it is not near as bad he said it may be that i just have to get the a/f screw set better for the new jetting
The problem that you described in your first post cannot have anything to do with your jetting. The one way bearing that honda mechanic is talking about is what gives you engine braking if it is messed up it will do exactly what you are describing.
how hard is that bearing to change and does the motor have to be removed to do it .
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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