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'06 foreman 4x4,have questions

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Just joined the board.I'm picking up a new foreman 500 4x4S.Currently I own a '03 Rancher 2x4.Does the 500 have a creeper first gear?I wish the 500 had a low range,but I always had good reliability with Honda's so I overlooked that and bought the TRX500 anyway.What top speed does the 500 hit?I'm 210 lbs. Are the stock tires good in the mud?Thanks,Eric
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Welcome to the site. I have a 05 Foreman 500 and I have had it up to 55mph a few times with the stock tires. I like the stock tires, they do ok. But upgrading as soon as I get the money for new tires.
unless you are pulling a house into the woods the first gear is plenty low enough to do whatever you'll need.
I'm 165 lbs and have ITP 589's. I have hit about 52 mph. First gear is very low, usually start off in second. I just put a LRD Torq pipe and Dynojet jet kit with the 170 main jet. It is a beast now, really woke it up. Doesn't go any faster but gets there quicker.
QUOTE ("cwsnake":39896mb9)
usually start off in second
I have always wondered about this. Does it hurt to start in 2nd when your not pulling anything or are just starting out on flat ground?
Thanks guys! That's what I wanted to know.
Big daddy.since i put the clutch kit in my rancher i usually end up starting in 2nd gear unless i'm on a hill or i'm in the's a lot more forgiving with the clutch kit for my displacement challenged atv than your bigger foremans.I would just use common sense when starting in second if it wants to slip the centrifugal then it's too high of a gear to do it but if it just goes without a hitch it should be fine.
sometimes when it is muddy i get some speed and go up aome hills in 2cnd gear 4wheel drive because 1st it wont make it up
welcome to the site, the foremans have a pretty good low gear they pull plenty i will tell you that my stock tires slick over really easy, i would reccomend bigger mud tires if thats what you plan on doing im about 220 and i have had my top speed up to 56 with a stock engine and big tires...thats on an 05 ES 500 i love mine!!!!
When im lazy or holding a beer I start off in 3rd. And im rollin on 29.5'' Laws.
i think 1st is Plenty low enough! with the stockers i can hit 59 on flat road but thats on the rev limiter.. with the 26"MST's it will top out at 55 and stop climbing. Have Fun with your new bike... and dont ever back through a hole especially when its deep....
Have any of you clocked your speed using a GPS. I had my bike up to 35 (speedo), and my GPS on the handlebars was reading significantly less. I don't really care, as that was to date the fastest I had been on an atv. Just wondering what you guys have seen to that affect.
If I am just trail riding I always start in 2nd. If I am ridding with my kids who start and stop and go to slow all the time, I hardle ever take it out of 3rd. Nice torque lets me get away with 3rd gear starts...I love it. My son has the TRX 250 and 2nd gear starts work but 3rd is really bogging it down. Hope this shed's some light.
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