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06 efi snorkle

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im fixing to snorkle my efi rincon. i was wondering what all i needed to do to water proof it. i know what materials i need to make it. i know how to do a carb bike. im going to do my front and rear diffs and fan and use diaelectric grease on all my plugs. it doesnt have a carb so what other lines do need to extend or plug off. thanks for any help
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I would say by the lack of response that you are the first. I am curious to here how it works. A friend of ours has a new Rincon and would like to know what is involved.
i checked it out today doesnt look to bad should be easy just alot of diaelectric grease for fuel pump and computer. ill let you know once i get some of the plastics off to see more.
been thinking of snorkeling my 06 any one else have any ideas or suggestions?
post some pics when you get it done, good luck.
any pictures yet !!!
yeah pics are little farther down the rincon topic list.
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