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'05 TRX650 - Thoughts?

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I'm looking at getting my first wheeler to haul me and my gear around the frozen lakes of South Dakota.

Found an '05 Rincon, 5400 miles, with no obvious signs of abuse, for $3K.

Looking for advice on what to look for when I go give 'er a look. Totally understand that it's not going to be a new machine, but don't want to inherit $$$ worth of issues by being new to the sport.

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to being part of the family!


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That's high around here (Arkansas)

05 was carb'd (which I actually prefer) but also had drum brakes on the front.

The early models had some cam issues too, but 05 might be late enough where that wouldn't be an issue.

You can swap 06-up front discs from a 680 Rincon to upgrade the front brakes.

Ask Toodeep what he thinks. He works at a dealership in SD. He should have a good idea of what the market up there looks like.
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