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05 S speedometer

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While riding this weekend I noticed my speedo stayed at 0. I was told that the electronic sensor was in the rear left brake drum. What would be be a good solution to look for. I need to check my brakes anyway as I do a lot of fast up and down rochy hill riding. Also if it has anything to do with the problem my change oil indicator came on a short while later. Any help would be appreciated.
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i think theres only one rear drum on the right side...?
The front vehicle speed sensor & the rear vehicle speed sensor are both at the front differential .. The front VSS (on the ring gear) measures ring gear speed for the selectable 4wd .. The rear VSS (next to the drive shaft) measures vehicle speed .. They are both hall effect sensors ,you should check the couplers for dirt/water & a tight connection.. There are a few tests for the sensor ..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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