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'05 Rubicon versus '05 ES

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For $700 difference in list price, what does one get for that additional money in a Ruby over an ES, especially now with all the changes made to the ES? It's only about 25cc's bigger, and has the Hondamatic transmission. Both models are about the same overall dimensions. The Ruby is liquid cooled and has front disc brakes. I'm not sure about gas tank sizes. Is the transmission itself worth the extra dollars? Are there other features that make it worth it I'm not seeing?
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There are 3 distinct difference.

1. Engine size and type (new 475cc hemi or the ole' 499cc)

2. air cooled or liquid cooled

3. manual tranny (foot or electric shift) or hydraulic CVT w/ESP

They both now have selectable 4wd, which was a difference last year. The Foreman is "simpler" but sometimes the auto (more complex) tranny is a nice feature. Suspension, frame and fuel are all the same.

But its all in what you want. Test them both out. There is no wrong answer.
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05 Rubicon

Check out the new 05 "Rubi Canadian Trail Edition"at This baby has the power and stability of the Rubicon with the smooth ride and handling of the Rincon. all new adjustable shocks on both front and rear .
Sorry, but I believe that this unit is only available north of the border.
good luck
I would be interested to know exactly what the difference is. From what I gather it is suspension mods only. They only added ajustable shock? The rubi still doesn't the low end of a Foreman.
Truegrit - The Ruby doesn't have the low end of the NEW Foreman? I take it that can only be attributed to the characteristics of the Hondamatic as the Ruby does have a somewhat larger powerplant. So, if I use my machine mostly for grunt work, I should be looking into the 500 instead?
There is now only a 24cc difference in the motors. But the Foreman is geared lower and is intended as a more utilitarian machine. The Rubi is a good machine to, it is marketed towards trail riding (Auto trans) with some work capabilities. If you plan on pulling heavy sleds or plowing a lot of snow I would get the Foreman. Plus I like the simplicity. The Rubi will handle most anything, I feel the Foreman will handle heavier loads better, and for longer, with less problems.

Take them both for a test and choose which one you like. Physically they are the same. Motor/tranny and air/liquid cooled are the main differences.

Take your time make the best choice for you.
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