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05 Rubicon Broken frame

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I was wandering if anybody else has had any problems with their frame? When changing out tires, I notice my Rubicon was sitting lop-sided. So I pulled the tires and wheels and even removed my progressive shocks and it was still there. Up on further investigation I found where the braket tabs from the frame that bolted to the rear rack were cracked ( 3 of the 4 ) with these being cracked it created stress cracks in other places. The rear rack is suppose to hold 133 lbs, my rear box fully loaded doesn't go over 60, I have never had a person sit on it. The dealer stated it looked like someone had pushed up against it and winched from the other side. The rack has never seen a winch cable or a rope for that matter. I have a hook by the ball if I have ever needed pulling out from the rear. This is the only problem, I have ever had with this Quad. I was just wandering if anybody else has encountered this?

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how old is your rubicon. if i was u i whold take it back to the dealer and see wat they say.. you jump it a lot or something?
It will be 2 yrs old next month, the service manager talked to Honda and they stated it broke because i overloaded the rear rack, which I haven't been close to the weight limit, so after work I stopped by the Dealership and talked to the owner, he said he will go higher up in Honda, he didn't buy Honda's excuse either. If I would have overloaded it, I would be the first to say it, but I haven't and I have plenty of witnesses to prove it. Their estimate to fix it was right under $2000 not enough to total it. So hopefully going back to Honda, they will see the light. I have bought 7 Hondas from this Dealership and I politely told him if Honda doesn't stand behind it, it will probably be my last Honda from his Dealership, because I'll start looking at differant makes.
A good welding shop should be able to fix that I think.

I wonder if Road salt helped that along ?

Pretty strange for a Honda
Good news , Honda has decided as they call it, will do goodwill and pay for it all the frame and labor. I credit the decision most to the great folks at Cedar Creek MotorSports <a href="" target="_blank"></a> , if it wasn't for them, I doubt if Honda would of came around. The frame got in last Monday ( the process to get a frame from Honda is a lot of paperwork ) I was told to expect my Rubicon back on the 11th of June. On the 15th we are heading out for two weeks of riding in Montana and Idaho..........
Great to hear they are going to fix it. I bet there are many manufacturers that would have never done that. Are they just going to restore it to how it was made, with no strengthening or anything?
They are giving me a whole new frame with a new rear rack, parts and labor were suppose to run right around $2000 when they gave me an estimate. So whether they have changed the frame in strengthing or not I have no clue. But for frame wise it's new and everthing else was working fine on it before, so I expect everything to be working good on it when I get it back.
We do a lot of "goodwill warranty" ... Honda will cover a lot under goodwill warranty if the bike is in good condition and low mileage .. The problem is that most dealers don't even try to get it ..
Holy cow. My 02 Rubi had that problem with a winch sitting in a rear box and was lose, ended up ripping a hole out of the frame, yet leaving the bolt & hole intact. Didn't make much sense to me, but its on the list to get welded soon. My 07 Rubi doesn't seem to have any bad welds around there or anything, probably just a bad design flaw imo.

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