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05 rincon 650 no 4wd

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hi, i have a 2005 rincon 650. the 4wd quit working. the 4wd light on the dash will blink 3 times than again 3 times. has anyone had this problem?
what might cause this?
thanks for any help on this.
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Code #3 is problem with the "front final clutch system" or related wires ..
thanks honda tech. would you have a wiring dia. of related wires?
thanks for the help so far.
thanks honda tech. will let you know what i find. great info
ok finally had a chance to check wiring out. found one of the two wires
that go into the front final clutch system is broke off flush with the housing
it looks like the input drive shaft will need removed then unbolt the
housing and slid it off to axcess the wires inside.does anyone have a
break down of the internal parts?can a new wire be attached to what
is inside the housing?thanks so much for your help so far Jerry.
Honda doesn't have info on front final clutch disassembly ,because Honda doesn't have parts to repair them .. They have to be replaced as an assy. if they are bad .. You maybe able to take it apart far enough to repair the wire ,I'm not sure I've never tried to take one apart ..
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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