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05 foreman starting issues??????

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When you pull the choke knob out is it supposed to be stiff or easy? Mine slides itself back in if you do not hold it, even before hitting the starter.

My foreman is a pain to start. The funny thing is that it starts right up at the dealer. I have to give it throttle to get it to light off. Is this normal???
My 01 rancher sat in a garage for over a year until june and it starts the with out using the choke or any throttle.

Lastly the starter sounds like I have a weak batt. I have checked the terminals and even bought a battery maintainer. The green light comes on in less than 2-3 minutes after plugging in the maintainer/charger like the batt is good???

I am realy getting the feeling that I got screwed. This thing is a month old as the dealer still had this one on the lot that had never been sold. Never knew it was an 05 untill I got there sat morning and the check was already cut and the bank paperwork had been done for 2 days. I should have never taken it but since it still had full waranty I took it against my better judgement.

I have little faith in my dealer so any advise I can get on getting this thing to start easier would be a huge help!!!!
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Mine is hard starting after sitting a while too.The choke should stay out by itself,Slide the rubber boot down and tighten the nut.Mine cranks for a long time with the choke out.These 500's seem very lean from the factory.Even when it's hot outside it needs to run for a few minutes with the choke on before it stays running.
Also I notce that my screen goes nearly blank when the starter is engaged, my rancher does not. Sorry for the rancher comparisons but it is all I have to judge by.

What is the correct way to test the battery? Is it possible that the charger says it is charged but it still be going bad? Are batteries covered under warranty? I hate to shell out $80 for a battery on a rig I just bought.
Mine does the same things yours is doing. Don't worry about it, it seems their cold blooded. After a few mins of running its fine. Mine also don't like to start after riding for a while. I have to give it gas to get it started. I don't think anything is wrong with it myself but maybe there is. The rest of the guys will reply sooner or later well know then.

Any thoughts on the battery?

Does any one elses screen go nearly blank when the starter is engaged?
There are other places to purchase the battery. A place in Florida ( Tractor Supply ) sells them ALOT cheaper than that. If you have to buy one, try here first so you don't drain your wallet..
If you let the Foreman 500's sit for a while, you need to pump the primer on the carb 4-5 times, then chock and start. Mine does the same thing on the chock, so I just hold it up.

yeah my choke does the same thing but i rarely use it cause mine will usually fire right up when it has set for a usually will need a little throttle help after i have been riding.
Took it back to the dealer since it is under warranty and I am tired of trying to fix what should be a brand new machine.

Dealer did say that the digital screen should not blank out when engaging the starter. Says it was either bad battery or loose wiring or conection.

Should get it back sat.

Thanks for the replies. Second trip back to dealer in 3 1/2 weeks. Starting to rethink not buying the kodiak 450 I was looking at. Maybe after I get the bugs worked out I can finaly use my machine and stop asking questions about it.
I was told by the dealer that if I was to let my bike sit for any amount of time ie. 2 hours +, that I should turn the gas off. The reason given was - gas would pour into the cylinder and "wash" it , giving less compression. I've been doing this sence new ( 4.5 months old now ) and haven't had any real starting problems, however I do need to give it a little "feather the throtle" when I start it after it's been running for a bit. As for the choke button releasing by itself, mine was doing the exact same thing, read this post about the adjusting nut , tightened it yesterday, and wala, it works fine now... thanks
Well so much for getting it back sat. Called today and checked on the clutch recall hoping they would tell me it was done while it was on the dealer floor. Guess what, they did not do the recall and claim they are now all over it. Said it will be done next week.

Am I wrong to think that it is pretty crappy to sell me a new atv with an outstanding recall??

Would writing a letter to honda do any good? Funny thing is I am sitting here with a warranty repair survery as I type from the first trip to the dealer on the second day of ownership.

Am I being a biznitch or what? Guess I should have bought a used one since it takes multiple trips to the dealer to get the new ones right.
Definately ask Honda why one of their dealers is selling bikes with recalls and not fixing them while they have them and not fixing them when in their possession. The main people may call and question a safety issue. If the bike is there, and there is a outstanding recall, and you ride it and injure yourself or someone else....Geee...Hmmmm Where would the liability be.. THEM !!!!!! Knowing that the recall was out, and sold it NOT fixed..I would have a new dealership named after me....YUP...
not sure how serious the recall for the foreman clutch or service bulletin actualy is, just ticks me off how they play the dumb card.
I agree...What would have happened if it was the tirods like before...That would have caused an ugly scar... That is my point. I think Honda would be may not hear about it, but the manager definately would... There is a small sense of responsibility there.. ( I am being very sarcastic )...
Just curious where you got your Foreman from? I was going to get mine from Sumter, but got it from Conway instead.
Southern Honda in Chatanooga Tn or Bruinswick Ga have the best prices. Around $1500 - $2000 CHEAPER than anywhere else..
defender bob, would rather not blast the dealer right now untill I get all my ducks in a row.

Service manager told me today that the recall on the clutch just came out. I just said ok. I will ask for a copy of all work done and will send it to honda with these silly little surveys they send when you get warranty work done.

Thanks for letting me vent. Sorry if I offend or bore any of you reading this.
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