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05' foreman snorkel

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Will 2" shop vac hose fit on my air box with no problems?
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QUOTE ("boss500":2t0ymxxy)
Will 2" shop vac hose fit on my air box with no problems?
yep, sure nough.
I couldn't get 2" shop vac hose only 1.5". I'm using a 2" to 1.5 " rubber connector coming out of the air box. Should i glue the fitting to the air box and shop vac hose and will PVC glue work? I'm running the hose to avoid elbows and turns. It will be 2" PVC going up through the fender and rack.
if you pull the stock snorkel off a 2 1/2" shop vac hose will replace it. you want to put the fitting that the attachments would normally go on directly into the airbox.

there is a rubber fitting that is glued into a corner of the airbox, just put some sort of grease around it and the hose will slide up much easier into the box. the flexible part of the hose does not actually go into box just the hard plastic piece.
Will my 2" fitting fit where the stock one was? I can't find anything over 2" where i am.

the 2"fitting at the end of the 2 1/2" hose WILL fit. just put a little lube and work it in. she will take it. shes a little tight but that's the way we like it.
I don't have 2.5" hose. I have 1.5" hose and 2" pvc.
QUOTE ("boss500":vzeled1g)
I don't have 2.5" hose. I have 1.5" hose and 2" pvc.
ok. your first post said you had a 2" shop vac hose. i assumed you meant a 2 1/2 not a 1 1/2. i don't have a clue about that but i know a 2 1/2" will work great and it will slide into the female end of a 2" black pvc 90 degree elbow. it'll be easier if you run the larger hose and will allow more air into your bike.
I don't have my bike for a week so i can't check it out. Is there a piece to hook onto coming out of the air box or do you slide your new hose or pipe into it?
i don't know anything about the 1 1/2 shop vac but the 2 1/2 vac hose fitting at the end of hose for a brush or whatever accessory will slide right into the rubber part of the air box.

there are no hooks or anything to connect the hose. aside from that i don't know exactly what you're asking.
What i'm asking is do you slide something into the box or is there a connector on the box to slide the hose on. If a 2.5" hose slides in then there must be a 2" hole in the air box. I thought i could slide a 2" connector over the fitting coming out of the box. You say you slide into the box. Thats what i'm asking, sorry. If i had my bike i'd check it out. I just trying to figure out what i need.
You can buy a snorkel kit from these guys and take the guess work out if you want.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
i will be coming out for a snorkel kit for the 05-07 foremans very soon. thats my site.
That yasky kit would cost me about $200 canadian. I picked up the parts for $30.
$20 worth of 2" pvc and then you're done. why buy a kit for $100?

or fight hose and connections? i just glued it all up and it works fine.
QUOTE ("cra5h":j4sevfv7)
or fight hose and connections?
the hose flows. i just redid mine putting it coming out the oil cooler area on the front. i needed a 90 degree and 2 other pieces. everything else running to top was 1 pice of 2 1/2" shop vac hose. it squishes down and no cutting and no problems.
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