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05' Foreman snork done

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finished my snork today. Stalled often so i turned up the idle and now runs fine. with this be alright? I have a stock air filter, do i need a k&n?
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looks good...

almost the same way i ran mine, but i ran it under the shock and up the middle of the bike.

didn't want any sticks flying off the tire and breaking the snork
That looks very familiar. Good job. Alot better than paying $135.
awesome job looks great i just would have put rivets in the plate to the rack instead of zip ties but hey whatever works
Two Words......Black Zipties.
maybe he was going for the two tone look on the plate...
I got black ones today. gonna get small metal clamps or rivets eventually. Had to turn idle up to get it to run. will it work ok or should i turn the a/f screw out.
Stainless u-bolts work very well I can grab the botton of my snorkel and shake the whole bike.
i put a few tac welds around my plate and then bed liner over that (as well as the rest of rack) its going no where!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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