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05 Foreman Front Rack

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I never could find an adequate rack for my new Foreman that met my needs. So, I decided to design my own.

Here ya go -- What do ya think?

I'll be installing it in a few days and will get a few pics up with it on. I've laid it on top of the rack and it looks really mean. I ought to be able to throw a deer up there with no concerns now. That factory wimpy rack just wasn't goin' to cut it.

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will it just hook onto the stock rack or are you gonna get rid of the stock one??? it looks good by the way...
Looks really good!!
I'll be keeping the original rack and just mounting this on top of it.

I'll either use some Square type U-bolts or 1/4" Carriage bolts and drill through the rack to install.

Doneking.... You have Donegood........ Ha Ha Ha... Couldn't resist.. No, seriously, just got a new Hobart 185amp welder and all the bandsaws and grinders and am doing alot of fab work at home as well. I love that design and looks like it will hold a load.. Good job... Clean work bud...
That my friends is a nice rack... Doneking, you need to go into business with that one. How much did you figure it cost you to make?
I won't try and pull the wool over anybody's eyes. I designed it, but I didn't do the welding. I had a friend that is a welder do all of that. I'm not as good a welder as he is. It would have taken me a lot longer and probably would not look as pretty on the welds.

Parts + adding up the hours to cut the pieces and weld them + paint.


Not cheap by any means, but custom doesn't usually come cheap as most of ya'll know. Plus, I couldn't find anything like it around the local ATV stores and Internet.

I wanted to see if I could get a few banged out and try and sell them, but they would probably have to be priced around $190ish to make it worth while. I know some could respect that price for this type of work.

I'm hoping to get it mounted this weekend. I'll be sure to take some pics.

If anyone is interested in one -- I made a template up and could get all the measurements posted. That way you could make your own. As far as selling them....I don't know how I'd go about getting an order list started.

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You know what ???? I would pay more for a CUSTOM rack that fit perfectly rather that buy a generic rack that had extra space.. Sometimes the little extra is well worth it !! Good job..
That looks great....Good luck in the woods!!!!!!
That's awesome Doneking, how much do you think it weights?
Roughly about 10-15lbs.
A little late for an update, but here are pics of the rack installed.

It handles a deer quite well. Far better than anything I could find in production.

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Dude, that's sweet! Still have that template?
I want something like to go over the front end, like my friends AC
That looks BAD ASS on your Foreman!!! (which looks like my Foreman!). You have done has your buddy. Nice clean work. Be proud!

No, I don't have the template anymore, but I can get the measurements if ya like.?

that would be cooll! Thanks man.
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