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05 foreman 500

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just bought a new 05 foreman 500, and have a question to ask, i ordered a rear bumper and it wont be in for a while, will the bike come completely over without rear bumper?? when pulling bike up to far, or will it just stand on its end??
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well that depends if you are trying to stand the bike up on the rear wheels to do some sort of maintenance yes the rear rack will hold it there, but with too much force it will rollover
thanks for the reply, i meant if i was to pull the bike up too far when doing a wheelie, my old 350, would not come over but i had a after market rear bumper
It woud be right on the verge, with no one on them they will stand pretty good, but I imagine with a rider it would come on over always jumped off quick if it came that far.
thanks for the reply, better hold off till i get rear bumper, thanks again
what rear bumper did you get?
ordered a kimpex aftermarket, found out last night, she will stand right on her end, lol
It will stand up on end w/o a bumper. But w/ my HMF it will rest on the tip of the exhaust AND the rack when vertical.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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