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05 500 ES info needed

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Howdy Gents

I'm a new guy to the site looking for a quick bit of info. Just picked up a 05 Foreman 500 ES & was looking for the stamped VIN # but I cant find it to check on the clutch repair & tie rod recall.

All I see is the two decals on the front of the frame but no stampings anywhere? Anyone have a clue as to where to start looking?

I've got the factory manual on order so I can give it a good going thru as usually do all my rides. So far just a quick oil,filter,air filter cleaning & plug but it still needs a quick clutch adjustment as its a lil notchy on the shifts.

I've had a few rides thru the years starting with a 300 4x4,400 & 450 foreman & all have been tough as nails.

Thanks in advance for any info.
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The title/ paynent statements should have the VIN on them. Otherwise check the frame in front behind the left tire if I remember correctly.
I havent picked up the title from my buddy yet & theres no payments on it so thats a no go.

I'll check out behind the left tire - Thanks!
mine is stamped directly in the middle of the frame,just behind the factory "bash plate" on a cross brace.It's not that easy to see,but it's there.
found it - it was a tough one to spot till I swiped a dab of white paint across the stamping & wiped it off to highlight the vin.

Many thanks folks!

Now on to some tires wheels,skid plates & all the other lil goodies that should put a lil life in the ride.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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