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2004 Honda Foreman Rubicon
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So I recently cleaned my carb because I suspected the slow just was clogged, which it was. Anyways I reassembled everything and did the whole reset/calibration process after adjusting the OHMS on the TPS to 600 exactly. I have the repair manual and have followed to steps for that part. Now I have 2 issues. 1, it sputters and pops with little to now power only in reverse (runs like a champ in drive) and 2, I’m unable to clear the error code it’s giving me even with following the manual. If I hold the shift buttons, turn it on, release them and then hold them again to see my error codes, then start the engine, it drives in reverse flawlessly. But if I don’t have it on that screen and start it, it’ll go right back to sputtering and popping.
Anyone have any clue what to try next or had this happen to them? I’m at a loss here. Any input is greatly appreciated
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