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Hey guys,
I have a 2004 rubicon with 12,000 miles on it. Runs like a top, not smoke. I'm second owner and the first said he did all maintenance but who knows. To get 12,000 miles out of it must mean he kept up with it somewhat.

Have the dreaded clanking in the top end and after having a couple mechanics listen, they resolved what I figured that it was either cam or cam chain. I've ordered both and will install new tensioner at the same time.

My question is, what else should I replace/change/check when I'm in there? Valves, cylinder, piston, oil pump, oil chain? Don't want to spend too much $ on this (a new rebuilt engine/tranny is $2k) but if I should do something while I have it open, I'd love to know.

Love any input, thanks!
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