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04 Rincon 650FA

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After riding a few miles in automatic my 4 wheel lite Flashes, two dashes flash and ESP BLINKS 5 times with pause then again. I've research and found that it means my "VSS" front speed sensor. It first happened during a very wet/muddy frozen day like in the teens cold!! Since then I rode again when it was in mid 50's and it happened again! When it happens it won't shift and to continue I turn key off then on and it's ok again. I also read how the codes can be retrieved or deleted. Is it possible the module got wet or iced, dried out and is fine and I just need to delete code??? If not where is the VSS module?
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VSS's are on top front of diff, and on the rear actuator portion of the front diff.

Take the connectors off, clean the crap out of them, and put some dialectic grease in the connections.
This is a pre-owned part that has been cleaned, tried and investigated to guarantee quality. We ensure this part to be acceptable.
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