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04 Honda Rubicon & ITP Mud Lite XL - 26 or 27 inch?

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Need some advice,

2004 Honda Rubicon, stock no lift kit. ITP Mud Lite XL 26 or 27 inch?


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what kind of riding r u doing?
27's, the bigger the better. 27's will fit w/o a lift, but may rub a tad on the left rear fender (very minimal and can be corrected with a light shaving of the trim) and the fender brackets when turned all the way to left of right (doesn't happen often and can be fixed with a hammer or a fender kit from moose or high lifter.)
I'd say 26 inch,unless you only do mud riding.
26's unless you spend most all your time in the mud
Thanks for the feedback - I decided to go with the 26s. I ordered the 25s a few weeks ago and they were really short in height compared to the oem 25" Bridgestone Dirt Hooks that came on it. Luckily I was able to return them for the 26s but had to pay a healthy chunk to ship them back. Wish I would have found this great site before I orderd them!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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