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04 Cooling fan on\off

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I went riding yesterday and the temp was about 88º(try making the degree symbol)out and i always here the fan come on. but yesterday it only came on once. I do ride in water once in awhile. Do you think i wasnt getting it warm enough to cycle on or could there be a problem. I checked to see if the fan was free and it was. The temp light works when you turn the key on so i know it works, but never came on while riding. I just want to nip the problems in the bud. Im going to jump the fan today to make sure it still works. Any other things to check. I will look for plugs that may have water in them too. I wonder where they are located at. Thanks. The degree symbol is ALT, Numlock, keys and then 0186
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Old if you just want the fan to come on with a toggle just tie a ground wire into the blue sensor wire at the rear of the motor. all it does is ground out the circuit, but the oil light will also come on hooked up this way. I think of it as a reminded when its on.
I Thought about using a toggle. Does the red temp light come on if it over heats? I think it is ok but i want to make sure. Where is the sensor loacated at on the rear of the motor?
the sensor works with different heat ranges and sends signals to the control unit, once the oil heats up enough it will kick on the fan, if and when the oil does overheat the red oil light should come on. The sensor itself is located on the rear of the motor under the pull rope assem. If you do decide to tie into it, the blue single wire that hooks to the sensor comes along the bottom of the frame under the pull rope assem to the right side behind the rear tire.
Thanks Dirty4man. That will help.
Cheap and easy mod but very convenient. So easy to make sure the fan works before or at any time during a ride.
um i wouldnt put a toggle switch on there cause on mine 04 forman it burnt the motor up the honda shop said it will burn them all up eventually i had e to get my sensor fixed and buy a new fan motor
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