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Hi everyone sorry it's been awhile since any updates this is what I no of the Hondamatic was replaced 20 hours ago supposedly it's runs beautiful but go figure won't move I was told it moved fine he changed the oil and after that it wouldn't move again so I pulled oil reservoir off and the front cover and the chain was off so I ordered everything went to go put it back together and something told me to try turning it over it wouldn't turn over come to find out the oil pump is Frozen took the chain off turned over perfect now my question is I just pulled the motor 5 minutes ago can I just split the case and leave the back cover on of course pulling the cylinder and the head but I wanted to find out if I could just pull that front part of the case to get to the oil pump without having to tear into the transmission and pulling the flywheel and all that I'm pretty mechanical I just never had one of these apart any advice would be greatly appreciated and I don't know if you have a manual for an 04 that you'd be able to help thank you
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