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04 450 foreman es winch contactor location

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I just couldn't figure out a good place to mount the contactor, no place under the seat like I have seen. Didn't like the idea of putting it in the rear storage, it gets drowned quite often. Then as I was looking at it, I saw this void where the factory snorkle was. The more I looked at it, the more I liked it. 5 minutes later there it was. The tank cover and the seat almost touch it, but don't, worked out better than I could have dreamed. As you can tell I was worried where to put it, and am happy I found a place I like.
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looks factory
That looks really good, I will have to remember that if I evre put on a winch, I think that is the only place that is not crowded on the 500's.
Here is two pictures of where I mounted mine. Never had no problems so far.
I wanted to put mine there under the seat, but as you can see, the black fuse box is in the way. It's mounted to the plastic body, and I didn't want to put it below the fuse box. I tried it, when I put the seat on, it rubbed real bad.

Your install looks good, just not enough room there on mine.
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