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04 450 ES not jumping to 2nd. 3rd. 4th or 5th.

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Does anyone have an idea what the problem can be ? I have done a lot of testing with no results. Dash does not blink, it seems there is no problem at all but as soon as I switch on I can travel to reverse, neutral and 1st. only. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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I emailed you some info..Let me know if you need more ..
QUOTE ("Honda Mechanic":1yntzj26)
I emailed you some info..Let me know if you need more ..
Thanks, got it......... I appreciate your info.
If you don't have a TRX450 shop manual let me know and I will send you the section you need from the Honda PDF shop manual ..
Thank you..... I have one printed and is for 1998-00 models...... but I see your info specifies the same catalogue for 1998-2004 models, is it right ?
Yes section you need is the same from 1998-04 ..
Perfect, I will start with it and let you know.

Thank you and keep in touch.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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