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03 rubicon need help installing winch for it

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yeah i got an 03 foreman rubicon and i need pics or dawing or drawings of how to install it on the bike..
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This is a winch plate install info for a Kimpix winch bracket this is for a 2001-03 Rubicon .. The only wiring info I have is for 2005 Rubicon ..

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thanks honda mechanic that helps alot.. hey if i wanted to fab up my own winch mount there is no speacial part to it correct.. so i could fab one up on my own.. thanks again kris
If I were you I would get the warn multi-mount so you can use it in front or back. I think it was $80. Another bonus is that the winch is up high and out of the mud. Nice and east to reach and you get another spot to hook a strap to..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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