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03 Foreman S oil Drain plug leaking??

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I changed the oil on my foreman today and I have to tell you the bolt was really hard to get off. I had to use a cheater bar to break the torque. Well I installed new oil and put the plug back in with a new washer and I tightened it down pretty good but now it looks like it has a small leak coming from the plug or around it. Any suggestions or do I need to just tighten up like it was before. It never leaked before. I just don't want to break off the bolt head. Thanks for any replys
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Like the old saying goes if it aint broke dont fix it lol i would put the same washer back on or get a new one just like it hope that helps
I used a new washer but should I tighten it back down as tight as it was? I had to use a breaker break to get the bolt off to change the oil.
Id leave it a while and keep an eye on it ...The sealing washer will squish/flatten out after several oil changes .. If the washer looks like it needed replacement then it should have been replaced..
Do not try to tighten the drail bolt with a pipe or powerbar ,you will strip the threads in the crankcase if you do ..
The old washer looked like it was really crushed down. Thats why I went ahead and replaced. Do you recommend any other type of washer or could I put a little silicone on it for now. After I ran it for just a few minutes I was able to tighten it up a little bit more. Do you think I need to get the engine really hot and try and tighten it up a little more? Thanks for your help Hoda Mechanic!!
The drain plug only torques to 18 .. I would clean around it now with contact/brake cleaner ,let it sit a day or so ..Then check for leaks ..

If it leaks I'd get someone to help you stand the bike on the rear tires & rear rack .. Remove the drain plug spray contact/brake cleaner around the drain hole and check the flat sealing surface and also check the threads & case around the threads for a crack or some kind of damage ..

If you can't lift it on it's rear rack you can use tie-downs from your garage trusses put the bike in gear and run it slowly up onto the rack ..
Thanks Honda Mechanic. Do you have any idea what the problem might be? LIke I said it never leaked until I changed the oil. I bought the quad used and it had fresh oil in it and it was due for a oil change. Could the washer be bad by any chance? The other one was crushed down really bad but it never leaked. Thanks Again
What do you think about putting teflon tape on the threads of the bolt??
I hope you didn't crack your case. Like mentioned above, it only requires
18 lbs. of torque. That's really not that much. I've learned the hard way on
overtightenin' things. I believe i am king of over torquin' things.
I checked for cracks and there are none which is a relief. Ok I think I figured out what was wrong. It looks like the hole has been tapped to fit a 14mm bolt instead of a 12mm bolt. I bought a rubber compound washer to try out and it didn't work. Would you guys recommend me trying to use a regular washer with the rubber washer and if so what order do they need to go on? What do you guys think about putting a little RTV around where the washer and bolt seal up all over the side of it? Thanks Again.
That bike should have a 12mm drain plug ..

I don't like a rubber sealing washer because it is impossible to keep tight without squishing the rubber out..
Do you think maybe putting a little rtv on the outside edge of the blot and washer would help it from leaking? Thanks
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