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03 350 will not charge battery

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I buddy has a 03 350 Rancher 2x4 & it is not charging the battery. Does anybody have any ideas what the problem is.
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You will have to test the alternator & charging system ..
how can I do that?
Check the voltage of the battery while the machine is not running then start it up, give it a minute then check it again, you should be getting somewhere around 13-13.5 volts while it's running, if not, then you have a problem with the charging system, if you have good voltage then your battery is toast. My wife had the same problem with her machine, her battery would die after on her whenever she shut her machine down after riding it for a few hours or whenever she let it sit for more than a week, I found her battery was bad after doing what i just mentioned. I replaced the battery and she hasn't had any problems since.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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