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02ES wont start

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ugh, my 2002 450 foreman ES will not start.
just added 1/2 tank of new fuel, has a clean air filter. but it will not turn over..
what could it be??
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new plug installed..
drained the float bowl of old gas..

still... NOTHING
When you say it won't turn over does that mean It does nothing, or does the engine spin over but not start?

To run you need Compression, Fuel, and a good spark at the correct time. First check for a spark then check the compression if you have that then it must be a fuel problem.

Just a thought but check the kill switch on the handle bar. You may have bumped it into the kill position by accident. The simple stuff will get you every time.

If the engine will not turn over then you have a battery or starter problem.
let er sit for a bit, after 1hr it fired rite up.
QUOTE ("350hondaman")
let er sit for a bit, after 1hr it fired rite up.
Probably flooded the engine. Happy Trails. (Check the oil to be sure there is no gas in it. You should be able to smell it if there is.)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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