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02 Rubicon help needed

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I have a friend that has a 02 Rubicon that's acting goofy, when you first start it and take off it's fine but after riding just a few minutesit starts spitting and sputtering, if you come to a stop and it dies it won't start unless you give it some gas and hold the front brake and it spits and sputters again until you let off the front brake and then it tries to take off but continues to sputter, and if you put it in reverse it really gets bad like a rev limiter is kicking in, while this is going on the D1, D2, ESP and - - is flashing, if you turn it off and re-start it's fine for a few minutes and then starts doing the same thing all over again, I can't get any codes out of it though.

This machine never see's mud and rarely see's water.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Caanan
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Hey Honda mechanic thanks for the reply, when it starts acting goofy it continues to flash with no pause as if it is flashing codes, it's got me really stumped. I've tried to retrieve codes by holding both shift buttons down, turning the key on until the lights stop flashing then pressing them again for a few seconds and releasing them to see if it will flash any codes that way but it doesn't, is that the correct way to retrieve the codes?

Thanks again for your help, Caanan
Any suggestions?

Thanks, Caanan
with the bike in neutral .. hold both buttons in .. turn key on then immediately release the buttons .. then push both buttons again for 2 or more seconds ..
I was finally able to get a code out of it, Code 5. What is that code for?

02 Honda Rubicon.

Thanks, Caanan
code 5 is the angle senor system. the first thing i would do if i was you is make sure the plug where the sensor is, is clean and free os water
Can you tell me where the Angle Sensor is on the Rubicon, I know it's on the front case on rhe Recons but not sure on the Rubicons.

Thanks, Caanan
On the left side (when sitting on the bike) remove the plastic guard (2 bolts 10mm socket) you will see the angle sensor is under the header pipe .. remove the coupler clean the connections with contact cleaner & re-grease with dielectric grease ...

If you remove the angle sensor you have to pre-load it when reinstalling it ..
Ok Guys, I cleaned the Angle sensor connection and all other connections that I could find but it still starts running bad and spitting and sputtering after you ride it for a little while. Will the Angle Sensor make it run bad? I know on the little Recons when the Angle Sensor goes bad it just makes them not shift or at least thats been my experience with them.

Thanks, Caanan
Hey Honda mechanic, Isn't there a possibility that the reverse rev limiter switch coould be faulty? I remember a buddy of mine got his switch stuck like the bike was in reverse and the thing wouldn't run worth a crap until it was fixed. Just a thought.
QUOTE ("Rubijj":3o231d3a)
Hey Honda mechanic, Isn't there a possibility that the reverse rev limiter switch coould be faulty? I remember a buddy of mine got his switch stuck like the bike was in reverse and the thing wouldn't run worth a crap until it was fixed. Just a thought. me out here Honda Mechanic, PLEASE!!!!!

Thanks, Caanan
OH......there is one other thing that I noticed, when this machine acts goofy and dies it will not start in reverse, it will start in drive with the front brake lever pulled but not in reverse, it will turn over in reverse but will not start. Are they supposed to start in reverse?

Thanks, Caanan
The Rubicon only starts in forward , it will only turn over in reverse ...

Does it spit & skip in forward & reverse .. If it's still flashing the angle sensor code and the coupler is clean & greased then you'll have to try a new angle sensor ..
Ok.....I put a new angle sensor on but it is still doing the same thing, I'm starting to wonder if it's a fuel delivery problem, it doesn't start acting up until it has been running for a while, when it does start acting up I can pull the choke all the way out and ride it and it doesn't seem to give any problem. Has there been any problem with vapor locking on these machines? The reason I ask is because even after it had sat for about 45 minutes I decided to take a fuel sample and the fuel seemed VERY warm.

I have had the carb off and inspected it to see if it was clogged or had debris in it but found nothing but cleaned it anyway. I also adjusted the valves, the intakes valves were very tight, they set on .006 intake and exhaust, Correct?

Thanks, Caanan
Anyone have any other ideas on this one.....Honda Mechanic, anyone?

Thanks, caanan
my foreman did or does the same thing, was riding it and started spitting and sputtering and it wouldnt idle for anything, finally died out on me and wouldnt start so we towed it back pushed it into the truck and got it home looking at it and i check all the fuses and none of them are bad, i get it running but it wont idle if i went under half throttle it would die out, then it started to not wanna crank at all, and then i noticed the display when i press the start button it flickers on and off while im pressing the start button trying to get it to crank, i thought it was a fuel problem so i brought it to a guy to take a look at it and havent heard any news about it yet.......could that angle sensor have been what was wrong with my bike not starting and not wanting to run smooth???also my bike is a manual footshift
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