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New to the forum as I've recently obtained an '02 Rubicon 500 with the Hondamatic Transmission. It operates normally from what I can tell in Reverse, Neutral, and Low gears. D1, D2, and ESP all work as they should in Low gear, but when I put it in Drive it acts like it is stuck in "1st" gear (I realize the hondamatic is CVT and this is like an imaginary 1st gear setting.) It does not read "D" on the screen, just shows D1, D2, ESP. After much research it sounded like the Gear Position Sensor has gone bad. Tested the sensor per the service manual and was not getting the proper reading at the 4 wire connector coming directly from the switch. Ordered and installed a brand new OEM sensor and am still getting bad readings from the 4 wire connector. I realize the sensor works by having the end turned to a specific position to allow current to pass through the wire in the 4 prong connector that matches the gear it is in. I have not torn into the transmission to see if whatever part that engages the sensor to turn it is worn or broken so I assume that is my next step. Wanted to see if anyone has seen this before or had any suggestions for tearing into this? Is this something I can take apart without removing from the frame?
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