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02 Rancher leaving Key on?

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Hello and thanks for your replay's.

I have recently built a radio system that Plugs into the cigratte lighter for powering the radio and speakers. This works great when the quad is running and I have tunes to ride to. But I use the quads for hauling of firewood and they spend alot of time just sitting there waiting for me to get the trailer loaded up for another run. Now with the quad off I have to have the key on in order for the radio to work as when I am splitting wood and loading it up I also like to have tunes to listen to. Am I doing any damage by having the key on?

I Know I am draining the battery a little with the power need for the radio but what else is drawing down on the battery. The display is also drawing correct?
Is there a carb heater on these also drawing power?
How long can I go before I run into danger of getting the battery to low to restart the machines? "My Cycle time is about 1 hour to cut a load of firewood, 5 minute ride to wood pile 10 minutes unload 5 minute ride back to cut another load"
Should I look at wiring up the Cigratte Plug that it has power constant regradless of the key postion?

thanks again
Sublime out
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I don't know if five mins is enough time to recharge the battery. But one way around this whole problem is to get one of those dewalt radios and a battery. Then just stap it to the rack and you can play it for about 8 hours with no worries. You can also pull start the bike if the battery dies from the radio you have hooked up now.
Thanks for the replay on this.

Im not so much worried about the battery drain down as I am worried about burning something out by leaving the key on. If I have to use the pull start to get the quad running that is fine then I will just go for a little ride around the trails to get the battery charged up again. Heck that is more fun than cutting fire wood but not nearly as productive in keeping me warm and toasty in the long winter months.

thanks again sublime out.
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