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QUOTE ("Steve07")
Have a line on an '02 450ES... . 112hrs and 800 miles on it. Described as "babied" and in "mint condition." Has Warn 2.5, original tires and rims, and brand new set of ITP c-series type 5 with 26" Mudlites- 10's up front, 12 in back. I have seen pictures only. Asking price is $6000CAD, and he wants another $800CAD for the 5's and 'lites. Never had an ES, don't know anything about that year. But, low usage and looks very good. Worth driving 300 miles round trip to go look????? Any thoughts?
That seems a little high for an 02. Even in good shape. $4000 - 5000 sounds more like it. The O2 doesn't have the trax lock to shift the front wheels to nuetral like the later models have. I have an 04 ES and I have never had a problem with the ES.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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