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01 rubicon repair manual

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does any one have a used repair manual for the 01 rubicon 500, I have a cd but would like a manual. My son and I are going for it ,going to try and tear down motor and find out what is making tapping noise.
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If you have it on a cd, why not try and take it to a Kinko's or something and have them print it and put it together for you.

Were I live isn't the end of the world but I think you can see it from here. We are lucky to have electricity the nearest sugarcreek[gas station ] is a days drive by 4 wheeler, [just kiddin] not quite that bad, we do have a walmart near by.Will have to check into that option.
rubicon noise

I have a cd also and I made a book from it. It took two cartriges of ink and a bundle of paper, its well worth the money for the manual book. I am interested in the noise you are experiencing, I may have some suggestions, please keep posting on your progress.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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