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01 450 es

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hey everyone , i got an 03 450 s and my brother just picked up an 01 450 es for a great deal !! was wondering if we should look out for anything on it ? i heard about the angle sensors acting up ,is there anyway to check them ? any help would be great thanks !!! Dave
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get ready to do alot of maintenance on the front brakes, or convert to disc brakes with the extreme kit. even the rear drum is a pain if you see alot of water/mud, so be prepared to tear it down every once in awhile. i go through front wheel bearings quick, but the terrain here is really rough (wheelies/jumps don't help either!). with that being said, the quad is really bulletproof - i've never had a problem that stopped me from riding out of the woods. towed a few others out, though...
well ive had my 03 450 s for a couple years and do all my own work to it but i was just wondering about the es model . it looks funny being stock and sitting beside mine with 28s and a lift!!!!!
I've had no issues with mine so far, i really like being able to shift with my thumb, there's been a few times when I wouldn't have been able to shift with my foot so I'm glad i have the ES.
I have an 04 ES Foreman and the only time I've had trouble with the shifting is when it was real hot. But, if I would turn it off, then turn just the key on, I could put it in neutral. Also ONE other time, when I FIRST got it, I ran it thru a puddle....LITERALLY, a puddle, and it must have splashed up in there just right and got something wet and it wouldn't shift. BUT, I had the manual shifter and used that and once it dried out it was fine. Since then it's been in ponds and deep canals (floating) and the electric shift has never given me problem since! (?)
So far Jennifer hasn't had any trouble out of hers & she takes it swimmin'
& deep muddin' all the time. Hers is an 04 ES.
450 es

well thanks for all the responses fellas!! it seems to work great we had them out tonite for a little bit . its a big step up from his 300 4x4 honda !!!
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