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  1. Foreman 450
    2002 Honda trx450fm s 6,600 miles 7200 hours Bought it not running. Cleaned the carb. New spark plug and oil. At first it wouldn’t kick with starter fluid ( only loud backfire ) so I adjusted valves and double checked them. Also had to adjust the idle and air fuel ratio since they were both out...
  2. Honda Rancher 350, 400 & 420
    I have a 2006 honda foreman that I recently replaced rings and valve seals on. The bike had been smoking a little and had noticed a pinging noise after riding for a while. Decided to try and adjust the valves but could not get the exhaust valve to adjust out. Seemed like it had way too much...
  3. Foreman 450
    Hello, I have a 98 foreman that I bought used. Guy had done a top end rebuild, said ticking was from valves that needed adjusted after so many hours of riding. I rode it around multiple times, set and set and set valve lash with little to no change in the ticking. Thought maybe the timing...
  4. Foreman 450
    Hey atv techs! Just replaced the head on my trx450es, which came refurbished new valves, springs, etc and supposedly adjusted. Motor seems to run great, except for this loud ticking. Should I be checking valve clearance first, or does this sound like something else? Link: Engine tick
1-4 of 4 Results