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  1. Looking for speedometer for 1999 TRX450 ES.

    Can't see what gear I'm in - display segments not working. Can't find a replacement online; been looking for a few months. Original PN: 37200-HN0-A12 but a 37200-HN0-A61 will fit the electrical plug. Anybody have a salvage bike with working speedometer? Thanks in advance. Tim
  2. 2000 Foreman 450 es - When should oil cooler fan come on?

    Foreman 450
    Hi Folks, I just bought a 2000 450ES from a neighbor of mine - this is my first quad! Have taken it for a couple of short rides and today after a very short ride (200 yards?), as I was pulling it into my RV shelter, I noticed that the red light in the upper, right corner of the dash was starting...
  3. Name that noise! Valve adjust?

    Foreman 450
    Hey atv techs! Just replaced the head on my trx450es, which came refurbished new valves, springs, etc and supposedly adjusted. Motor seems to run great, except for this loud ticking. Should I be checking valve clearance first, or does this sound like something else? Link: Engine tick