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  1. 2004 TRX450FM Carb issues

    Foreman 450
    Last year my float was stuck open so my wheeler was dumping gas. This year it started to dump gas again so I assumed it was the same thing, but when I removed the carb to clean it again I realized that it was just a few cracked lines. I put new lines on the carb and now when I fire it up it just...
  2. 02 trx450es will not start just backfires sometimes.

    Honda Recon
    So I have a 2002 trx 450es that was given to me. The last person to ride it told me that it was backfiring a lot on decel and then it died and would not crank anymore. So I've checked for spark with a brand new ngk plug and it did have a bright blue spark against the frame. I've checked all the...
  3. Cylinder head issues

    Foreman 450
    Hello all, new to the page and ATVs in general. Just picked up a 2003 Trx450es for cheap. It did not run but was in otherwise great shape. I pulled the head after it wouldn't turn over with the recoil starter. As I suspected, the piston was being blocked by what seems to be a broken valve seat...