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  1. Foreman 500
    Hi have a a 2012 Foreman 500 es. About 2 weeks ago I was riding and my lugs broke off. The four wheeler set for 2 weeks before I got the news lugs on. Took it for a ride around the block and it died. I was able to get it back to my yard but now it only turns over no start. I changed oil and...
  2. Foreman 500
    OK, Foreman Guru's I am working on a 2014 Honda Foreman 500 EFI electric shift for one of my buddys and while I am very familiar with working on ATVs, SidexSides and boat engines this one is giving me ****. The bike is completely stock, He is telling me that it ran fine when he parked it last...
  3. Foreman 400
    okay I have a 1997 honda foreman 400 4x4 had it for a few months never had a problem until I blew rear diff out replaced that. Took it out in the mud a few times now I got a new problem. Will start and idle fine even rev up in neutral but minute I put it in gear and try to give it throttle it...
1-3 of 3 Results