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  1. Honda Rancher 350, 400 & 420
    I was looking at my airbox to do my snorkel today, when I saw a hole in the airbox. Is this hole factory, or did I break my airbox?
  2. Foreman 500
    I bought a 2021 foreman 4x4 and snorkeled it, etc. It’s a great mud bike. I took it through a friends pond and quickly realized I was in deeper than I thought. I sunk it in about 8 feet of water. The pond was a hard bottom, no mud, no sand, so I don’t think anything too bad happened to the...
  3. Foreman 500
    Does anyone know where to find a snorkel kit that doesn't look like my cousin put it together out of leftover plumbing materials? I can glue pipe myself. I want something that looks factory and not like a hillbilly hopup. I also need the snorkel to sit inboard of my handlebars so I don't knock...
1-3 of 3 Results