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  1. Airbox Lid Fitment

    Rubicon 500
    I have a 2001 TRX500FA Rubicon 500. bought from someone that it had been sitting up for a while. I got it running, but looks like the owner had lost a few parts. I have the airbox, but no lid. I am trying to buy a lid off of ebay to save money instead of buying a new one at $50. What all year...
  2. 2015 Rubicon 500 intermittent ESP issues?

    Rubicon 500
    My Rubicon has been acting weird lately, It will run fine for hours and all of the sudden throw code 24 (shift motor control circuit). Sometimes all it takes it to turn the key on & off to fix, and sometimes it takes an hour+ to get the code to clear. I have power to the shift motor, i've jumped...
  3. EPS Problem : Error 24

    Rubicon 500
    Yet another individual with shifting problems lol! (2015 rubicon 500) The bike won't shift into any gear , I don't hear anything trying to engage either. I have the error code 24 blinking; pointing me into the direction of the shift motor. Motor seems fine, cleaned the brushes etc.. havnt jumped...
  4. New front rack on 2018

    Rubicon 500
    Does anyone know if I can retrofit the 2020 rubicon front rack on my 2018 rubicon. Saw one at the dealer bolting points seem like they are the same. I want the convenience of the pro connect but don’t wanna get a new machine