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  1. Rubicon 500
    I am looking for a used or rebuilt hondamatic for a 2001 Rubicon. I would greatly appreciate any information or advice.
  2. Rubicon 500
    I have owned this since 2003. It's never let me down... Until now. I'll admit I have never done any major work on it. I'll clean the carb every year or so and change the oil as needed, but nothing else. It all started with a simple top end rebuild. Almost. I used the existing cylinder...
  3. Rubicon 500
    I recently got an ‘04 rubicon for pretty cheap and according to the previous owner it was crashed and the dash pod was broken. The main issue is it feels like it’s in a sort of limp mode ESP doesn’t work and its rev limiting at what feels like 20mph and reverse is pretty rough any ideas to...
  4. Rubicon 500
    Went out on the trail today and have noticed before that sometimes while in drive my rubicon would sometimes slip back into neutral . But today was different, went down a hill in drove D1 letting the machine use its gears to help wire gas th speed, started hearing a grinding sound. Once at the...
1-4 of 4 Results