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  1. Foreman 500
    I have a 2004 rubicon 500 I changed the carb and put a new display screen on it recently and now I have no spark. Display is showing - - I tried to retrieve codes (holding up and down shift buttons while turning key on immediately release and then hold again for 2 seconds or more) and I’m...
  2. Rubicon 500
    I’m new here. Have 03 trx500fa 4x4 and it’s stuck in 3rd gear. When it happened it would rev as in 3rd but let go of throttle as to downshift it jumps and seeems as it is in 1st gear feeling making feel as if you downshifted straight to first gear bypassing second gear and bogs down real hard...
  3. Honda Recon
    One day I was riding my 1999 Honda recon 250. All of a sudden it started wanting to cut off and I couldn’t give it no gas. I looked in the gas tank and there was close to no gas so I figured it was out of gas, I’ve been trying to get it running for past 2 days, I restrung the pull start and...
1-3 of 3 Results